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Food safety research and consultancy

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Hutchison Scientific Ltd is an SME that is actively engaged in lowering the microbiological risks associated with modern food production and processing. Our skills extend in two mains areas.  We offer practical, science-backed consultancy advice to commercial producers and processors to assist them in manufacturing high-quality products with low microbiological counts. We also undertake fundamental scientific research aimed at improving our understanding of the mechanisms that cause contamination of foods. Some of the research that we undertake is commissioned by UK Government Agencies and the results of these studies are published in appropriate peer-reviewed journals.  Research funded by public monies is on a not-for-profit basis, although our commercial customers enjoy the benefits of our cutting-edge knowledge.  We also undertake a significant amount of sensitive research for the exclusive benefit of our commercial customers.  All aspects of commercially-funded studies and their results are completely confidential. Our commercial client base extends across the UK, USA and continental Europe.  In addition to government departments, our customers include a number of multi-national food retailers.